Henrico County Area Guide

Henrico County, Virginia is one of the oldest counties within the United States. Although separated as an independent city since 1871, Richmond is the county seat of Henrico County, and is surrounded by the county on every side except for its southern area, which is covered by Chesterfield County. The area is ideal for those that enjoy suburban living and is home to more than 235 square miles of beautiful land with historically significant places. Colleges and Universities near Henrico County, Virginia include Virginia Commonwealth University, J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and Virginia Union University. There are plenty of things to do in Henrico County, Virgina, including numerous attractions, museums and well maintained parks.

Henrico County, Virginia History

Henrico County is one of the original 1630’s English Shires of Virginia that was made up of the Virginia Colony. The small town of Henricus was later included as part of the Shire of Henrico in 1634, and was named after Prince Henry by Sir Thomas Dale. The area became Henrico County in 1637. However, a portion of Chesterfield County was detached from the area in 1749. Henrico is also very close to the home of the Appomattoc Tribe of Pocohantas, but was further developed after the 1622 Indian Massacre and the English Civil War. Although now a part of the Williamsburg, Virginia area, the College of William and Mary in Virginia was originally part of Henrico County. Although the actual location of the original Henricus town settlement is not known, the evidence of the historical area was recreated under the living history museum at Henricus Historical Park and includes the landmark hospital Mt. Malady.

Parks and Recreation

Recreation Centers and Parks are numerous within Henrico County, including those that offer programs and classes, event facilities and play areas. Residents and visitors enjoy visiting the Walkerton Tavern and Gardens, which was once the site of a field hospital, voting precinct and post office. The Antioch School Community Center, Belmont Recreation Center and the Henrico Theatre are just a few more of the available recreation facilities within Henrico County. Three Lakes Park Aquarium and Nature Center offers walking trails, picnic shelters and a playground. Other parks in the area include Varina Recreation Center, Deep Bottom Boat Landing and Glen Lea Recreation Center. Although not open for public viewing, many enjoy getting a glimpse the oddly placed historic home of J.T. Pemberton at Sanguaro Hill.

Activities and Attractions

There are unlimited possibilities for enjoying activities and attractions in Henrico County, Virginia. Residents and travelers enjoy visiting area civil war trails, plantations and historical parks. Major theme parks close to the area include the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park, Water County USA, Busch Gardens Europe and Kings Dominion. Both veterans and civilians enjoy admission into the interactive military showplace Nauticus that features Battleship Wisconsin and the site of the world’s largest naval base on the Norfolk Waterfront. However, the Richmond International Raceway holds both NASCAR and Indy Car Races within the area. Sports fans will also enjoy spectator sports, such as Richmond Braves, Redskins and VCU Rams games. Wildlife exhibitions within the Henrico County area can be found at both Maymont Park and the Metro Richmond Zoo. Nearby beach getaways are popular at Hampton, Virginia’s Buckroe Beach and Park, Cape Charles Beach and Virginia Beach.

Events in Henrico County, Virginia

Adult and youth based events are plentiful within the Henrico County, Virginia area. The types of events that can be found in the area range from sports games, multicultural festivals and holiday-seasonal events. Those that love sports will love the Annual Richmond Marathon, the Virginia 529 Kids Run and the UkRop’s Monument Avenue 10K. Local events also include the Eastern Henrico Holiday on Parade, the Annual James River Parade of Lights and the Henrico County Annual Harvest Festival. The Mountain Road Corridor Holiday Celebration, Annual Dorey Park Kite Festival and the Annual Heart of the Arts Festival produced by the Children’s Museum of Richmond are also fun must-attend events in the area. Henrico County is also known for its magnificent food festivals, including the Annual Lebanese Food Festival and the Annual French Food Festival.

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